Professional Chimney Cleanings from Licensed Specialists.

The NFPA 211 code book states that all working chimney flues should be inspected annually and cleaned as needed.

Our high powered HEPA filtered chimney cleaning vacuums ensure that we do not leave a speck of dirt behind.

For service please call 610-909-5585 or contact us today to schedule your chimney cleaning.

More Information on Chimney Sweeps, Inspections & Cleaning

The inspection/certification report saves money compared to a chimney cleaning and shows a formal record of a chimney inspection being performed by a certified professional. Chimney Saftey Institute of America

This is especially important for insurance purposes, home sales, and HOA requirements.

Whenever we enter your home we treat it with extra TLC. We wrote the In-Home Sanitary Technique Protocol being used by the CSIA including masks, gloves, booties, sanitary workspace applications, and sanitary spray if needed for every cleaning or inspection. Beyond the protective sanitary barrier, we are using multiple runners and drop cloths where necessary.